Friday, April 24, 2009

Sheep quilt block

When I'm not being beat up by my drum carder, or trying to finish the last strip of the Mile a Minute afghan, I have been working on the Square in a Square quilt blocks (one shown above). I bought this sheepy fabric quite awhile ago, but decided that now was the time to work on it! I love to do the Square in a Square block because all I have to do is rip strips of the fabric and use the rotary cutter and special ruler. I am planning to use a white/gold print between blocks, a border of cream, one of the gold print and finally some of the sheep fabric. I have made 10 of the 30 blocks that I had planned to make. Will machine quilt it on the Gammill (someday). And by the way, my brilliant son looked at my camera and figured out what I'd done to is working again! Thanks Donald!

Hope everyone has a grand weekend!


Ghost said...

Love the fabrics. Even the center square looks like a sheeps random path.

Henya said...

I love it. This is so sheepish.

Beansieleigh said...

OH! I LOVE this fabric!! The sheep are SO-ooo CUTE!! I do a little quilting, as I am actually just learning in a Saturday morning class. I like it sometimes, and I get frustrated with it sometimes. you have to be so precise, that it's not relaxing or enjoyable to me! I have to be in just the right mood, or attitude, for it I guess! Anyways, your quilt square is adorable! Seeing it puts me in the mood to work on my OWN quilting! (0;