Friday, July 25, 2014

T G & Y

Does anyone remember the old T G & Y stores? I sure do, and I am reminded of how much I do miss our old TG&Y store every time I go to Elkin! My first experience with a T G &Y was in Kissimmee, Florida in 1971. Believe it or not, I had no fabric stash in those daughter was just a baby, and we lived on a very low budget. T G & Y met our needs perfectly. (NO walmarts in those days). When we moved to this area in l981, there was a store here, and we loved going there!! When I shop at the Goodwill store, sometimes I still find yarn from T G & Y in a big bag of yarn I love to purchase. These days, most of my dollars for household items and a lot of canned goods goes to Dollar General. Even though they carry a lot of products made in China, and you have to be very careful (enough said).      Thank God it is Friday...God Bless your weekend!

Photo from internet!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Another photo from England

Every few days my son and I get some more photos from England. I think my daughter is having a very interesting trip! In addition to her studies, she and the group she is studying with are sight-seeing. The above photo appears to be a "selfie" in the Salisbury Cathedral. She even sent a photo of Stonehenge. (No need to post that here....everyone has seen a photo to Stonehenge, eh?)  She will be there for a few more weeks yet. My goodness, it seems that the summer is half over, been noticing the Back-to-School sales starting.  Enjoy your day...God Bless!

Sunday, July 13, 2014


My daughter is in Oxford, England!! She is there for her studies for the next five weeks, and my son and I received a couple of pictures this morning. (The other photo is of food!) She says that this is the Pub that some of the well known writers of yesteryear used to visit. I've asked her to go by the grocers and bring me back a can of haggis. I know....I could order some of, but it just wouldn't be the same, eh.   Enjoy your Sunday.  God Bless.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Project Linus day

Yesterday, my daughter, son and I went up on the mountain to Galax, VA to the July Project Linus meeting. The meetings are the first Saturday of every month at the Galax Library. We usually eat at the Peking Palace Chinese restaurant and then deliver our afghans and small quilts that Kathleen and I have made. It is a fun trip. Yesterday we stopped at the new Goodwill Store in Galax also, and I found this quilt top. It was pieced from 1970's and 80's fabrics, many of which I had and used when I first started quilting in earnest in the 80's. It is hand pieced and the maker of the quilt top even left her "calling card" on the top. It is sewed on by machine, the rest of it is all hand pieced. I think that is weird, but I will leave it on when I machine quilt it. Anyway, I love this quilt top and fully intend to quilt it when the weather gets cooler. It is hard to quilt in summer when it is 90+ degrees, even with the longarm. (It is old and overheats if I'm not careful!) I am trying to decide whether to use muslin for the backing or some burgundy cotton I found in my stash. Either one would look nice, I think!

On a different note...we had to replace our 20 year old refrigerator this week. We got it from Lowes of Mt.Airy, and the sorry delivery men just left it in the middle of the kitchen floor, asked me to sign their paper, and LEFT! I wanted to cry, but my son and I managed to get it into place. Actually, to give credit where credit is due, Donald did 99.99% of the work!

 Have a blessed Sunday!