Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday afternoon quilting

It has been my habit, when I feel like it, to make a small charity quilt on Sunday afternoon. The above is what I worked on today. I like yellow! It doesn't take me long to make one of these quilts. This one is approximately 45" by 60". When I have hemmed it, it will go to Project Linus in Carroll County, VA. By the way, the pattern is "Square in a Square". They are easy to make and I use a special ruler to make the blocks fast & easy!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The New Goodwill Store

Yesterday, my daughter and I went to check out the new Goodwill Store in Elkin. I did not take a photo of it, as most towns have a Goodwill Store these days and everyone knows what they look like! It was day #2 of their Grand Opening. As usual, there were a lot of people there and they were buying the clothing. The other stuff wasn't moving so fast, as they had increased the prices outrageously! I bought a Sherpa bag (looks like a sheepskin) for $1., a plastic box, also a $1, a coffee mug for twenty-five cents and an old popcorn tin (this is a large one) with flags and Abraham Lincoln on it for a $1. My total was $4.32. This new Goodwill, while it has 3 times the floorspace, has lost it's "homey" feel and the clerks looked frazzled. My daughter and I couldn't leave fast enough. I imagine I will shop there on occasion, but things will no longer be on a first name basis. Too bad.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Iris at the College and a quilt

The bottom two photos are of the iris bed at Surry Community College. The iris have been exceptionally beautiful this Spring. Maybe because we had such a hard winter? The top two photos are of my latest quilt finish. It is a twenty block "disappearing 9-patch" and it makes up so quickly. The fabric came from walmart before they got rid of their fabrics, from a $1. yd. table. I like the froggie print, and have cut out one in blue froggies, too. Shizuku kitty always goes over to check out the just-finished quilt top when I spread it out to check on it. She would get on the top, and my dear Boo would crawl underneath. The finished quilt will go to Project Linus in Carroll County, VA (Shizuku stays here!!).