Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hawaiian Style Quilting

Can you guess the name of this pattern?

I call this pineapple and woodrose. Pattern from an old magazine

Ulu or Breadfruit pattern

In 1993 I became interested in Hawaiian Quilting while watching the series on PBS. My cousin had married a Hawaiian man and that also added to my curiosity. Recently, I was reminded of my books, and bought a couple more from I also got a few patterns from I am not talented enough to draw my own. My art work is of the kindergarten variety, really. Because I am not Hawaiian myself, I read that I should call my work "Hawaiian Style Quilting", so I am. Well, have you made any guesses as to what my first mini-quilt is? If you guessed "a famous Mouse", you would be correct!! I used a batik fabric that I received in a trade, and it is from Australia. It is said that if you make a breadfruit quilt first, that you will never want for anything. That sounds nice. The red quilt was a pattern I tore out of a magazine in 1987. No name given, but it looks like a pineapple and woodrose design to me. I am quilting on the mouse, and am enjoying it a lot. These three mini-quilts are from 22 inches to 30 inches square. As I have to stand up to machine quilt, and being that I haven't hand quilted for about 15+ years, these are a joy to work on. Google Hawaiian Quilting, if you are interested, but I prefer the Poakalani site. I sure wish I could go to Hawaii. If wishes were horses, we'd all take a ride, eh??