Saturday, July 30, 2011

I won something!

I like to enter the give aways on the blogs I frequent. I have never won anything though...until now. I especially liked a charm package (5 inch squares) listed on the Kansas Troubles Quilters blog and left a comment. I was so surprised when her dear Grandaughter picked me! She said I must be a nice lady because I had Hello Kitty next to my name. I liked that. Well, at first I didn't know what to make from the 5 inch squares, (and she'd also sent some 2 1/2 inch squares, too)...then it came to me like "duh" just put them together as is. I love the Fall colors and am using a "tea-dyed" solid color muslin backing. It looks so "rustic". I love it already. Thanks again, Lynne! Click on the photo (twice) to make bigger to see the fabrics!!

I have been keeping busy this summer, but try to put off as much as I can until cooler weather. I have never seen such a stretch of 90+ degree weather before!! I'm a cooler weather person, and hate this hot-stuff. The health insurance company, in order to get us older folks active, is paying for our membership at ProHealth, and my daughter and I drive the 30 minutes once a week to "walk-in-the-water". I love it!! I can swim, and do quite a bit, but it is also enjoyable to just walk back & forth, too. (Just have to get out of the way before those "agressive" aerobic people come & take over!). Am still making crochet Prayer Shawls this summer. When most of the group takes off to enjoy their summer...I get going. My daughter has also made several, too.

That's about it...hoping it cools off soon, hope you are enjoying your summer, whereever you are. God Bless!