Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Penny's Kite

AKA, Hexagon Rose or Star. It is my current fascination! I ordered the pattern from and really didn't know what to expect. I found a tutorial of this block on the internet, but preferred a plastic template. I still prefer cutting fabric with scissors, and miss the old quilting magazines that gave templates, rather than rotary cutter instructions. The pattern that came in is a one-piece kite shape. The block turned out 22 inches across. I sure won't need many of those if I decide to make a quilt! I pieced this block by machine, and it really didn't take any time at all.  I have a LONG HISTORY of making hexagon quilts by hand. This one is just the latest, only I'm doing this one by machine! Now to decide whether to make all the blocks alike, or use different fabrics and colors for a "scrappy" look. I'll sit on that one for awhile. God Bless!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Earl in the wool!

I try to spin some every Sunday evening. Just a long-time habit, I guess. Well, recently I opened a new bag of some wool and mohair mixed roving to spin. It is tricky stuff....full of veg. matter and sand spurs!! Those of you who have spent any time in South Florida know what those cussed sand spurs are....OUCH! Well, Earl Grey discovered the open bag and "slithered" inside. At first, only his tail was showing, so cute! When I finished, an hour or so later, he was still in the bag (even though I checked to see if he had enough air quite often), and I had to lift him out. He protested! I use "Irish Spring" soap bars to fool bugs. Who knows, maybe he likes the smell of the soap, maybe he's just a Spinner's Cat.  It's nice to have a cat that shares my hobby. My son took the photo...Earl is "his cat".  God Bless!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dr. Watson's Aran

Every year about this time, I start an Aran type sweater for someone's Birthday. This year I had a lot of searching to do for a new and interesting pattern. While on Ravelry, researching teapot cosy patterns, I found reference to the "Dr. Watson Cabled Crew Neck" sweater, and I think it is perfect!! Not too hard, but interesting to work on. I pick it up every time I sit down in my rocker. The yarn is "vintage" Germantown wool, by Brunswick Yarns, long since out of business. The pattern is chevrons (barely visable in this photo) in between cables. You may click on the photo to see better detail.  The original sweater, inspired by a PBS program called "Sherlock", which I'm not familiar with, is done with off-white wool. I'm using what I had. Oh yes, I should not forget to say that the pattern was written by Trudi Brown & Ashley Harp. It was a freebie on  We have had gobs and gobs of rain from hurricane Isaac and I have had a lot of knitting time because of the rain! It has been fun to watch DVD's of "Rosemary and Thyme" while knitting. It has been hot out again, and humid enough to make it miserable & hard to breathe (yuck). Hoping Fall will be here soon, I am so looking forward to it this year!!  God Bless! 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

September First

Yesterday, my daughter and my son and I went to the big city (Winston-Salem). My daughter thought it was high time for an early Fall outing! We were downtown, in the Arts District, and were planning to eat at a restaurant called Sweet Potatoes, when we happened to see a small store that specialized in handmade African items. The lady had some beautiful imported goods and some clothing she had made herself. (All in support of African women and children on Kenya.) My daughter bought a skirt, and also bought me this piece of fabric. It is supposed to be cut and sewed into a shirt, but it is BIG. My son said that it looks big enough to be a quilt. Hmmmmmm......   Sounds 'bout right to me! Shizuku-Chan is checking it out, as is normal for her when there is something new in the household. You can see parts of Earl Grey on the entertainment center (top right, top photo). Cats rule, don't cha know?