Monday, March 12, 2012

I see something green!

Our old lawn mower was purchased from Lowe's in the mid-1980's. It lasted (with a lot of TLC and patience) until the end of last mowing season. Poor Donald (my son) had to keep picking up pieces and parts and reinstalling them every time he'd mow the grass. Over the weekend, after much deliberation (with himself) and internet searches, he decided to buy a John Deere mower (also from Lowes). Even though he doesn't like to have his picture made, he stopped long enough for me to take this photo of him and his new mower. (I think he likes it!)

I spent Saturday with my daughter and we went to Winston-Salem to search for a new mattress for her bed. I decided to spend the night at her house and had a good time playing with the Grand-dog. Wish I had photos of that!! Lucky dog is a delight to be around (but somewhat hyperactive), and her favorite thing to play is "fetch & fling". She sure got me over my fear of dogs!!

On the projects list....I finished up this weeks Barrister's Blocks and am coming down the home stretch with the Vintage afghan. I want to finish up that afghan before hot weather sets in (it is predicted to be near 80 later this week!)  Until later....God Bless.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Here I am, I think....

So guess it is time to check in. Photoless, but you know me...I hate taking pictures and usually get my son to do it for me. (He's been terribly busy at work.)  I've been working on my usual Prayer Shawls, the Vintage Afghan blanket, and the Farmer's Wife quilt blocks "Sow-a-Long", now called Barrister's Blocks (see sidebar).  I think I have about 30 of them made, but have not taken the time to count them. Other than that, the weather has been warmer this winter, my son bought me a new dishwasher and it was installed last week.  I Love It!! Thanks again, Donald.  And finally, Shizuku-chan and I will be celebrating our Birthdays later this month!

The photo above is from "". I just love to look through their cat photos.