Monday, June 8, 2015

An Apprentice??

I loaded a small Project Linus quilt into my trusty old Gammill quilting machine last October. I got it about half put-in when I had to stop. The Doctor first suspected a hip hair-line fracture. The x-ray proved nothing. (Maybe it was the one reading the x-ray?) I went back to the Doctor every Thursday in October, and part of November. I had two cortisone shots. The pain persisted. The Doctor then decided it might be Bursitis.  Between Christmas and New Years I had TWO WEEKS of almost pain-free (Thank God!!!). Then it started again and has persisted until now. I can do very little besides sit still and knit or crochet. (Usually working on Prayer Shawls for the Hospital.)

I happened to think the other day....wouldn't it be nice to teach someone local to use my machine and quilt some of her (or his) quilt tops and mine too. Most of mine are for one Charity or another. My machine is over twenty years old now, but it is still working fine (as far as I know, since I have not used it since October).  Like with a lot of quilters, I have a large stack of small to bed-sized quilts to get quilted. I have given up on being able to quilt them myself, as I would have to stand up to quilt them. I have a feeling that I may be in a wheel chair soon. What to do. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I miss my little green office trailer. I miss my old machine quilting customers. I admit defeat. God Bless us everyone.
 (Photo is an old one, taken a couple of years ago, by me.)