Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chuck Taylor

This is Chuck Taylor, a yard cat of ours who has decided to come inside and check things out. Every morning when I get back from taking my son to work, he meets me at the car and escorts me to the door. The last week or so he has been coming inside to have a look around. Earl Grey and Shizuku are very welcoming of him, expecially Earl, who wants someone to play and tussle with! My son gave Chuck his name, after his black and white shoes! Chuck was born last spring so he is about 8 months old. He will grow up to be a "sturdy" cat, I'm thinking. He is in the living room at present, and I don't know if he will want to stay or just visit. I haven't heard any cat-fights yet so who knows?  We shall see, eh?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Aran Bear

I love to go to the Elkin Goodwill Store, and my favorite thing to hunt for these days is Built-a-Bear-Workshop bears. I like to knit Aran-type sweaters for these bears, and the free pattern from fits these bears just perfectly!! I've made quite a few of these and give them to someone who needs a {{{hug}}}.  I do not give these bears to kids, as they don't appreciate the work in the cable sweater! Adults only!!  I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving, and God Bless!

There are a lot of people out there who need a {{{hug}}} this Holiday Season, so give someone you know a "bear" hug...the kindness will be returned to you!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fire on the Mountain!

Pilot Mountain, pictured above in the header in better days, is on fire. It started out as a "controlled burn", but ended up jumping the fire lines and got out of control. The smoke is awful!! People around here love "our" mountain. Just like the people of Kagoshima, Japan love Sakurajima, the volcano. It is one of the reasons our family moved here. I love to see the mountain every morning, and to see what color it will be today. Surry County fire fighters had hoped to have the fire under control, like yesterday, but so far it is still burning. A cold front is coming, the rain will be good, the high winds predicted not so good. The mountain was pretty with Fall foliage, not so anymore. The photo here is from the Internet (WXII, channel 12 news, to be exact). In the long run, it is said to be good for forests to burn occasionally, we will have to see about that.  Happy Lord's Day and God Bless!