Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's a finish!

I first showed the beginnings of this oval rug last May. (Yikes, it's been a year ago!!) I put it away over the summer and kind of forgot about it, but a couple of blogs that I follow have mentioned Toothbrush Rugs lately, and I found it & began working on it again. It turned out 18" by 30" and I am pleased with the way it looks. I have made several rugs over the past 10 or so years, but this time I used "clothesline" as the filler. It is cotton and I would never use it as a clothesline, but it did okay as the filler, instead of another strand of the 2" strips I used. That way, I could make the rug bigger!  I must say that it did make the rug stiffer and heavier, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Time will tell as to whether it wears better, and one drawback is that you can see the clothesline thru the rug, if you really look for it!

It is cooler here now, and nights are quite comfortable also. Fall is on it's way, and I am very happy about that. When this North Carolina heat and humidity would get too much for me, I would let my mind take me to a place on Lake Huron, watching the 1000 footer's (cargo ships). They are so beautiful as they silently go by, trying to reach their destinations. Keeping busy...looking forward to the leaf change. God Bless!