Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Set of Books

I love to hunt for books at the Goodwill Store. It seems most of my books come from there these days, as the local libraries do not stock the books I like or am interested in! When our local public library moved into the vacated funeral home (the very one my late husband's service was in) I feel really "creepy" about going in there...sad, too. Recently, I found a book from the Guideposts Church Choir Mysteries called "Puzzle in Patchwork" at the Elkin Goodwill. What a perfect book for me to start with in this series! I love it! As I finished that one, I decided to find more on (also where the above photo came from). Well, after about two months, I have managed to find all the books in this set. As I read through the set, I feel more at home with the cast of characters. It is almost like I know these people. Before finding the first one at Goodwill, I was unaware that this series of books existed. Yay for favorite place to shop! PS, I am also looking for Agatha Christie books, especially the Jane Marple ones. I am constantly amazed at how different the books are from the made-for-PBS movies!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Catberry RFD

Living 10 miles from the real Mayberrry RFD (Mount Airy, NC), birthplace of Andy Griffith, I immediately loved the Catberry RFD fabrics (oops, can't remember the Co's name that makes it). I didn't buy many of the different pieces in the collection, but had about 3 different ones. Then I saw a "Catberry RFD" pattern on the internet and had to make the quilt. I filled in with my own fabrics from my stash. I like the way it turned out and looks very much like the pattern. The quilt is about 45" by 60". Click on photo to make bigger if you wish.

My two (grown) children and I went to see "Kung Fu Panda 2" last Friday. I liked it very much and the movie had a good message for us adopted people. I plan to buy a copy when it comes out in DVD.

I enjoyed getting out early in the morning and quilting in my "studio" before this HEAT WAVE hit. It has been miserable here. High 90's. Once I saw 100 degrees on the drug store sign. Too hot and HUMID for me!!

Enjoy your Sunday! God Bless!!