Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Set of Books

I love to hunt for books at the Goodwill Store. It seems most of my books come from there these days, as the local libraries do not stock the books I like or am interested in! When our local public library moved into the vacated funeral home (the very one my late husband's service was in) I feel really "creepy" about going in there...sad, too. Recently, I found a book from the Guideposts Church Choir Mysteries called "Puzzle in Patchwork" at the Elkin Goodwill. What a perfect book for me to start with in this series! I love it! As I finished that one, I decided to find more on (also where the above photo came from). Well, after about two months, I have managed to find all the books in this set. As I read through the set, I feel more at home with the cast of characters. It is almost like I know these people. Before finding the first one at Goodwill, I was unaware that this series of books existed. Yay for favorite place to shop! PS, I am also looking for Agatha Christie books, especially the Jane Marple ones. I am constantly amazed at how different the books are from the made-for-PBS movies!


Tanya said...

I've never heard of the series either but I will take a look at my library (and the Goodwill!) while I am in the States!

Katie Doty said...

The Goodwill is my favorite place to get books also. Very dangerous for me though, sometimes I come out of there with a stack or two. :)