Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lookie what I found!

I've been cleaning out the area beside my chair and happened to find this UFO. It is called "wedding shawl" and was a pattern I tore out of an old knitting magazine. I think the design is called "lotus blossom" or something similar. I started it at least a couple of years ago and can't remember why I put it aside.......probably just got interested in something else. Maybe I'll work on this today. It would be a nice change from some of the other things that I have been obligated to work on. Now to find the pattern.............

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fiber Femmes Webring

I have been sitting here for the past few hours looking, and relooking at the Fibre Femmes Webring sites, and I am very impressed. Anyone that knows me knows how much I love my stuffed sheep, and would love, if I were able, to have a flock of real sheep!! Maybe when I get to Heaven, the Good Lord will let me tend some sheep! I am so happy looking through the webring, that I decided to join, and am waiting for approval. When I joined my first quilt webring, the owner told me I had too much knitting on my blog, when I tried to join the Aran webring, the owner told me I had too much quilting on my blog. I can't help it if I love to do all kinds of things!! One day I will work on quilty things, the next, I will knit socks, the next, I will spin all day, etc. My one constant is my love of God, my family and my kitties! I do hope that I will be accepted into the webring!

Monday, June 23, 2008

New Toy

I finally got the "adoptable" pet "boo kitty" to show up on my blog. I adopted this kitty in a basket not long after I lost my fur real Boo Kitty, but just could not get it to show up on my blog. Well, now she is here, and I am glad. I must admit that I love to play with my blog kitties. Feel free to play with them also!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ugly Sock Yarn!!

This is absolutely the ugliest sock yarn I have ever tried to work with! Yack! It is Trekking XXL in color 81. It looked so pretty to me on the ball, I love purples, but it knits up like mud. I know that "different strokes" saying, so............if anyone out there wants this ball of yarn (and my plain jane sock started) leave me a comment and it's yours. (USA please, I can't afford overseas postage). In case there is more than one of you, I'll draw names to see who gets it. Dora the kitten is growing and becoming more active/independent and is in that "attack & bite mode". I'd forgotten how troublesome kittens can be. I almost hope she will decide to be a yard cat!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just finished

I've switched to making tube socks for awhile instead of socks with heels. After losing four pairs of socks this past winter due to beyond-repair heels, I decided tube socks with star toes would be very practical. The yarn is Utopia sport, the pattern is adapted from the "baby cable" pattern in Lion Brand book "Just Socks" and also the star toe idea came from the Frugal Knitting Haus tube sock pattern, which sadly is no longer available online. It is a great pattern though. I have a popcorn can full of acrylic sock yarn and want to use it up this summer making gifts for this Christmas season. By the way, Dora the kitten is fine, and loves to help knit socks. She dashed out this morning when I went out to feed the yard-cats and had a traumatic experience. None of the other cats remembered her, even her mom. She's been inside two weeks now. One of the other kittens (different mom) who is larger than she decided to try to beat up on her. She was taken back inside immediately. She gladly went back to her little bed, and went to sleep on her little rabbit skin. Goes to show, sometimes we don't appreciate what we got until we get to see the other side.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quiltville Orange Crush quilt

The quilt top is completed but not quilted. It has been in the high 90's here for a week now. It is hard to breathe outside and even hotter in my little quilt (trailer) studio. At this rate, it could be Fall before I get any quilting done. Even with the a/c on it is hot in here! I once told a friend in Michigan that if her Sunday School class wondered what hell was like, I told her to tell them "North Carolina in summer". This quilt is made mostly from remnants, scraps, and the red, black and blue as suggested by Bonnie Hunter. I'm very glad it is finished!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Kit in town!

Say "Hello" to Dora, as in Dora the "explorer", the new kit in town. Her mom-cat wouldn't feed her and she was starving, so she came up to us for help. She has lived with us a week now, and her health is much improved. She is about 5 weeks old, and still has the blueish eyes of a little one. She just might be longhaired when she gets larger and is a lovely calico. I think that Trouble will be her middle name, as she is into everything! The last thing I wanted was another cat after my Boo Kitty died last August and I still have my daughter's Japanese cat to take care of. This kit seems to love my son the best of all. Further updates when available!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tri-shawl on the wall

I have been trying to think of a way to take a photo of the tri-shawl on the wall. This is the best I can do, and get most of the shawl in the photo. As you can see, I am almost done with this one. I enjoy working on these, but can only do a little at a time, due to standing so much! My daughter built the loom for me, and taught me a better way to weave. Yesterday, she took a friend and I to the alpaca farm near Fancy Gap, VA where she learned to use a tri-loom. I'm allergic to alpaca, but enjoyed looking at the animals and products from alpaca fiber. It was a nice day, but I get tired out so quickly! I hope to finish this shawl today. A funny thing is......I bought this yarn at a flea market years ago & saved it for "something special". When I got to the center of one of the balls of yarn, the folded up piece of paper it was wound on was a page from a desk calendar.......dated March 30, 1963. Good yarn doesn't go bad, I guess! I was in 8th grade in 1963.