Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Kit in town!

Say "Hello" to Dora, as in Dora the "explorer", the new kit in town. Her mom-cat wouldn't feed her and she was starving, so she came up to us for help. She has lived with us a week now, and her health is much improved. She is about 5 weeks old, and still has the blueish eyes of a little one. She just might be longhaired when she gets larger and is a lovely calico. I think that Trouble will be her middle name, as she is into everything! The last thing I wanted was another cat after my Boo Kitty died last August and I still have my daughter's Japanese cat to take care of. This kit seems to love my son the best of all. Further updates when available!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful person you are. The poor little thing now has a fighting chance of a happy life because of your kindness and care. When I read stories like yours, I'm reminded there are still good people out there.

Michelle said...

What a sweet kitten...I know it will be well loved and give lots of love to your family all it's life!