Thursday, September 26, 2013

A recently completed sweater

I am having trouble with blogger today, but wanted to show this sweater I recently completed. It is made from a pattern from a Ravelry group and I used old Encore yarn. The date on the receipt stored with the yarn said 1993! It is a top-down sweater, and was easy to do. I started this sweater last spring, but took a break during warmer weather. I am tring to finish up some older projects now while trying to keep up with my Prayer Shawl work. By the fits me!  God Bless!

Monday, September 16, 2013

A tea review

With cooler weather here at last, I have begun to drink more hot tea. I like to browse and order from them or  I think my favorite is the Scottish Blend (made for Scottish water). Works great with North Carolina water!  Two weeks ago, I ordered some Pu Erh tea bags, from the Yunnan province of China (via Amazon, of course, the photo above is from them also). When it came in, I immediately had to try it out.  Hmmmm...smells "earthy". My daughter said "smells like dirt". Well, uhh, how's it taste? Not bad at all. Very different. She prefers green tea, after living in Japan for six years...I said "tastes like spinach water". To each their own, eh?    By the way, I am sitting at the computer with a cuppa Scottish Blend!!    God Bless!