Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Spinner's Cat

Earl Grey has fallen in love with my wool. It is black Shetland that I bought from a lady in Pilot Mountain, NC, and he just can't wait for me to open the plastic box in the evenings and begin spinning!! He "slithers" into the box and rolls over and over, then he holds a bat up to his face to "sniff" the wool (sometimes he actually chews on it!). He does this every time I sit down to spin. He has not done this previously, so guess he just likes the smell or whatever of this wool. We usually have to go get the flashlight (another favorite game of his) to distract him to get him out of the box as he will bite and scratch to stay in it otherwise. Ah! A cooler and rainey day today. Perfect for working on projects...which is what I usually do anyway! Have a blessed Sunday.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A good poem

by Elizabeth Gardner Reynolds

I wonder if Christ had a little black dog,
All curly and wooly like mine:
With two long silky ears and a nose, round and wet,
And two eyes, brown and tender, that shine.
I am sure, if He had, that that little black dog
Knew, right from the first, He was God;
That he needed no proof that Christ was divine,
And just worshipped the ground where he trod.
I'm afraid that He hadn't, because I have read
How he prayed in the garden, alone;
For all of His friends and disciples had fled
Even Peter, the one called a stone.
And, oh, I am sure that the little black dog,
With a heart so tender and warm,
Would never have left him to suffer alone,
But, creeping right under his arm,
Would have licked the dear fingers, in agony clasped,
And, counting all favors but loss,
When they took him away, would have trotted behind
And Followed Him quite to the Cross.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Heerrre's Gracie

I found Gracie Girl hiding amongst a couple of other photos of Ricky! She is such a beautiful cat, and loves to have her picture taken!

A Great Day to Spin in Public!

Yesterday was Worldwide Spinning in Public Day at Leslie Shelor's Greenberry House in Meadows of Dan, VA. My daughter Kathleen and I attended and had a great time. Several passerby's stopped and asked questions, and seemed more interested in Kathleen's Tri-loom than spinning! That's more than okay, the message is "do something creative!!". We stopped at a veggie stand/craft shop after leaving and enjoyed looking at the local crafts, too. Kathleen bought several unusual veggies to take home. All in all, I would say that we had a wonderful time, and want to say "Thanks Leslie". Hope to see you again soon!!

Photo #1 is of Kathleen working on her Tri-loom. She is making a shawl. Photo #2 is of Leslie and I spinning. Leslie is working on a beautifully dyed peach-colored wool roving and I am spinning black Shetland wool. Photo #3 is of Kathleen's cat Ricky. Ricky and Earl Grey and brothers, but are a year and half apart (same MomCat). Grace, her other kitty, seemed to be missing from the photos. Hmmmm. I'll have to double check the photos taken this weekend. Hope you are having a nice weekend...........

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

World Wide Spinning in Public Day

We had such a good time last year at Leslie's Greenberry House in Meadows of Dan, VA, that I asked her if she was planning to have the event again this year. She agreed, and we are hoping that the weather will be great. My daughter, son, and myself were up on the mountain last Friday getting apples. (My daughter makes the absolute BEST applebutter!) The weather was quite warm yet, but it is always a treat to go to Fancy Gap, VA. I am looking forward to Saturday, September 18th!! Thanks, Leslie, hope to see you soon!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hurricane "Earl"

Hurricane Earl came and went in our neck of the woods without much notice. Living in northwest NC, all we got was a slight wind, not even a rain shower. Earl Grey, on the other hand, is a different story. He was born last September, date unknown, so this whole month is his birthday month!! He continues to be a "souped-up wildcat" and enjoys life to the fullest. He has always been a housecat ever since last November when we took him in, when he had an ear infection. He has been entertaining us ever since. He has never seen a stranger, unlike Shizuku, who runs when the doorbell rings! Our birthday wish for our Earl Grey is long life, good health, and much happiness.