Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Great Day to Spin in Public!

Yesterday was Worldwide Spinning in Public Day at Leslie Shelor's Greenberry House in Meadows of Dan, VA. My daughter Kathleen and I attended and had a great time. Several passerby's stopped and asked questions, and seemed more interested in Kathleen's Tri-loom than spinning! That's more than okay, the message is "do something creative!!". We stopped at a veggie stand/craft shop after leaving and enjoyed looking at the local crafts, too. Kathleen bought several unusual veggies to take home. All in all, I would say that we had a wonderful time, and want to say "Thanks Leslie". Hope to see you again soon!!

Photo #1 is of Kathleen working on her Tri-loom. She is making a shawl. Photo #2 is of Leslie and I spinning. Leslie is working on a beautifully dyed peach-colored wool roving and I am spinning black Shetland wool. Photo #3 is of Kathleen's cat Ricky. Ricky and Earl Grey and brothers, but are a year and half apart (same MomCat). Grace, her other kitty, seemed to be missing from the photos. Hmmmm. I'll have to double check the photos taken this weekend. Hope you are having a nice weekend...........

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Leslie Shelor said...

Oh, wow, I love that photo of us! It was so great having you here! Hope to see you again soon!