Saturday, October 25, 2014

A new way to get around

A few changes have been made around here. It seems now that my problems are due to bursitis of the hip. Thank God it isn't broken, even though it feels like it! I have been having to get around in a new roller walker. My Dad called his a "chariot" (he had MS), so I am too. It's shiny PURPLE!  Oh, and I also tried a cortisone shot (didn't help much). But I am working on Prayer Shawls and a Vintage Afghan (patterns from Internet), but no quilts. I still  have hopes that I can beat this. Praise God...I am trying! Have a blessed weekend. (Oh, photo from Internet, too.)

PS You should see me "speeding" around walmart in one of their motorized carts! What fun!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Home Improvements

The siding on our mobile home was rotten and crumbling. My son and our next door neighbor have been replacing it with tin this month. It sure looks a lot better now, and will keep out the cold wind this winter. I have been wanting to move into an elderly apartment in town for awhile now, but my son is determined to stay here.

For about three weeks now I have been in a lot of pain with my hip. I went and had it X-rayed this past Thursday and it showed advanced arthritis. Walking is difficult. The options they gave me are not workable for me, and I am praying and hoping for a solution.  A lot of doors are now "slammed shut", but at least my hands still work, and I can work on my Prayer Shawls for the hospital. My kitties have been most helpful during this time, as is my son. He made a delicious Breakfast Casserole this morning, and has taken on more household chores than usual. I would appreciate your prayers, so that I may continue to do God's Will.

Hope you have a most blessed Sunday.