Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Little Quilt

Yesterday was a bleak and icy day, and cold too. So I decided to work on this little quilt top and finished it! I had bought the pattern in the late 1980's or early 1990's and never got around to making it. It is supposed to be a replica of a Civil War doll quilt. I fell in love with it then, and never made one, nor have I seen one made up. The quilt shop I got the pattern from is long gone & closed up. I suppose it was originally made for a Black child?  Anyway, I am glad that I finally got around to making one. I am sorry if my quilt offends anyone. It was not my intention at all. I was told stories by my Grandpa Atterholt that his family was involved in the Underground Railroad in Holmes County Ohio. He was born right after the Civil War and has been passed on since the 1960's. I hope to get my quilt basted today. I think I will hand quilt it, although I haven't decided on a design yet. Oh yes, the little quilt is doll sized, and measures approx. 20" by 29". The original pattern is by "Country House Quilts", and the original block size was 4.5" and used 9 blocks. Mine blocks are 6.5" and I used 6  (enlarged on a copy machine). Take care & God Bless! 

Monday, February 18, 2013


Ain't these a hoot?! No, they are not mine...I would not fit in them, but I saw this photo on a blog & had to post it here, too. I think they had found the photo on another blog, too, or Pinterest....or something, etc., etc.?? Anyway, as cold as I have been this winter, I am tempted to use some of my bazillion little balls of leftover yarn and make me a pair (haha!!). Whoever thought these up, my hat's off to you.  Although I think they would be most'd never see a photo of me in them on the internet!!

I got out the almost-forgotten Tupperware box of Civil War Diary books and blocks (solid colors and white) yesterday. Old Abe Lincoln stared at me and said "where have you been all winter?".  I think I will work on these this week. More rain, more wind, possible winter weather..yuck!  I have stayed in lately, and now have 10 Prayer Shawls to deliver soon. I keep busy. Take Care, God Bless.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Persian Pickle Club

After seeing a read-a-long mentioned on the Stashbuster Group (Yahoo Groups), I decided it was time to read this book AGAIN. I have read it several times, oh maybe 5 or 6 times, and love it! It's like reading my Bible, every time I read it I find something I'd missed before!! As I have been reading, I have been writing down the names of the quilt blocks and quilts. So far, I have 14 on the list. I am still hoping to find ONE MORE!! I am considering making a Sampler Quilt using the names, probably using 1930's repro fabrics or old feedsack fabrics. (Am still trying to decide). First I must research the patterns, most of them I know, or am reasonably familiar with.  Ever read the book? Want to join me in making a sampler? Let me know and I will make a list of the names I've found. If you know of a 15th name, I'd sure love to hear it!  (photo above is from Amazon...they have the book at really good prices).  Take care & God Bless.  (see also  )