Monday, February 18, 2013


Ain't these a hoot?! No, they are not mine...I would not fit in them, but I saw this photo on a blog & had to post it here, too. I think they had found the photo on another blog, too, or Pinterest....or something, etc., etc.?? Anyway, as cold as I have been this winter, I am tempted to use some of my bazillion little balls of leftover yarn and make me a pair (haha!!). Whoever thought these up, my hat's off to you.  Although I think they would be most'd never see a photo of me in them on the internet!!

I got out the almost-forgotten Tupperware box of Civil War Diary books and blocks (solid colors and white) yesterday. Old Abe Lincoln stared at me and said "where have you been all winter?".  I think I will work on these this week. More rain, more wind, possible winter weather..yuck!  I have stayed in lately, and now have 10 Prayer Shawls to deliver soon. I keep busy. Take Care, God Bless.

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Thistle Cove Farm said...

as cold as it's been around here, I'd wear them...proudly! more snow, winds and low temps on the way; maybe it's time to get the bloomer pattern out and make some bloomers. skirts are cold this time of year!