Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cat napping

Isn't it funny how cats will always open one eye and move slightly when you run & get the camera for the cutest pose ever? Grrrr. Happens to me every time! But the Chan always keeps me company while I'm on the computer (and she sleeps on my pillow at night). Guess you could say that she's my bestest "four-footed" friend! It has been hot here, and the best thing to do in the afternoon is to take a nap! I have been absent from blogging. I've been busy with my charity projects and doing some sewing (imagine that), but I just don't have anything important to say on this Blog. In fact, I've considered killing this blog. Just haven't decided yet. There are still many Blogs that I like to visit, and I comment when I have something worth saying, so I'm here, just keeping quiet. Have a Blessed summer!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Beach Dreams

I grew up around water. First it was Lake Huron, then the Atlantic Ocean, but I have lived in "them thar Hills" for 28 years now. From time to time I have missed the Ocean, but not greatly. The last few nights I have been dreaming of water, big bodies of water. I guess I will learn the reason later, as my dreams always mean something. I have never had any great love for Wilmington, NC, where my late husband was from, and where I lived for a number of years (until I could get away from there), but I was looking at the Weatherunderground photos (where the above photo came from), and tears actually came to my eyes. I want to see the ocean again, I want to walk in the sand one more time, while I am still able to walk! I want to walk out on Johnny Mercer's Pier again, and check out the fish that have been caught! The quilter's guild I was a member of for a few years (Quilter's-by-the-Sea) is having their Annual Quilt Show soon. I wonder if I would remember any of the members? I doubt it. Dream on.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dulcimer Frustration!

I bought my dulcimer in 1996 and have off and on since then tried to learn to play it. This week, I joined a Ravelry knitting/dulcimer group. It has been very interesting and informative, but I am still at "square one". I think I have forgotten everything I knew before. I'm a frustrated dulcimer player!! Everyone says how EASY it is to play, but with fifty-bazillion ways to tune it (unlike my Dad's ukulele, that you just have to remember "my dog has fleas" heehee), I am very confused. Any other dulcimer "wannabees" or sympathetic players out there? I'd appreciate the advice! Aaarrrgh! Think I'll go back to my Prayer Shawls. That's NOT frustrating!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

Poor neglected blog...

It is no secret that I hate to take pictures. Mother used to annoy the heck out of people, wanting to take pictures, so guess I am the opposite of that, too. Anyway, Dora just doesn't like to have her photo taken. Whenever I unzip the camera case, she will either run, move, or do something unflattering (like hike-a-leg). Donald decided to try his luck taking her photo. Although Dora has a disgusted look on her face, she did sit still for him. I'm still hoping for a great photo to put in the sidebar. People must think that she is still a tiny kitten!! Donald took photo #1, and the "look" in Photo #2 is when I took her picture. humph!