Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cat napping

Isn't it funny how cats will always open one eye and move slightly when you run & get the camera for the cutest pose ever? Grrrr. Happens to me every time! But the Chan always keeps me company while I'm on the computer (and she sleeps on my pillow at night). Guess you could say that she's my bestest "four-footed" friend! It has been hot here, and the best thing to do in the afternoon is to take a nap! I have been absent from blogging. I've been busy with my charity projects and doing some sewing (imagine that), but I just don't have anything important to say on this Blog. In fact, I've considered killing this blog. Just haven't decided yet. There are still many Blogs that I like to visit, and I comment when I have something worth saying, so I'm here, just keeping quiet. Have a Blessed summer!!


thecrazysheeplady said...

If your cat is anything like mine, you should have plenty of material to keep your blog full ;-). Plus, it's a nice way to keep a photo diary and you never know when one of your stories might touch someone.

Vivian said...

Hi! My name is Viv and I am "lurking," I guess they call it. Please don't stop writing on your blog. I tend to hesitate to comment on someone's blog because I think that the writer will think, "WHO is this person?" But I have to say that I enjoy your point of view and I admire how you live your life. I hope you'll decide to keep writing once in a while.