Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dulcimer Frustration!

I bought my dulcimer in 1996 and have off and on since then tried to learn to play it. This week, I joined a Ravelry knitting/dulcimer group. It has been very interesting and informative, but I am still at "square one". I think I have forgotten everything I knew before. I'm a frustrated dulcimer player!! Everyone says how EASY it is to play, but with fifty-bazillion ways to tune it (unlike my Dad's ukulele, that you just have to remember "my dog has fleas" heehee), I am very confused. Any other dulcimer "wannabees" or sympathetic players out there? I'd appreciate the advice! Aaarrrgh! Think I'll go back to my Prayer Shawls. That's NOT frustrating!

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