Monday, June 15, 2009

Beach Dreams

I grew up around water. First it was Lake Huron, then the Atlantic Ocean, but I have lived in "them thar Hills" for 28 years now. From time to time I have missed the Ocean, but not greatly. The last few nights I have been dreaming of water, big bodies of water. I guess I will learn the reason later, as my dreams always mean something. I have never had any great love for Wilmington, NC, where my late husband was from, and where I lived for a number of years (until I could get away from there), but I was looking at the Weatherunderground photos (where the above photo came from), and tears actually came to my eyes. I want to see the ocean again, I want to walk in the sand one more time, while I am still able to walk! I want to walk out on Johnny Mercer's Pier again, and check out the fish that have been caught! The quilter's guild I was a member of for a few years (Quilter's-by-the-Sea) is having their Annual Quilt Show soon. I wonder if I would remember any of the members? I doubt it. Dream on.

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