Monday, September 16, 2013

A tea review

With cooler weather here at last, I have begun to drink more hot tea. I like to browse and order from them or  I think my favorite is the Scottish Blend (made for Scottish water). Works great with North Carolina water!  Two weeks ago, I ordered some Pu Erh tea bags, from the Yunnan province of China (via Amazon, of course, the photo above is from them also). When it came in, I immediately had to try it out.  Hmmmm...smells "earthy". My daughter said "smells like dirt". Well, uhh, how's it taste? Not bad at all. Very different. She prefers green tea, after living in Japan for six years...I said "tastes like spinach water". To each their own, eh?    By the way, I am sitting at the computer with a cuppa Scottish Blend!!    God Bless!


Beansieleigh said...

I've been looking for Oolong tea, with little luck. What I've found is expensive, and I don't know if I can see spending $15.00 for 50 teabags. Maybe I'm wrong, and that's a good price?.. Funny thing is, I've been looking for so long, I forgot what oolong tea was good for! (0; For high blood pressure, maybe? I'll have to look it up again! Thanks for sharing the link, though! I'm going to check the site out for what else they have too! ((hugs)) ~tina

KathyB. said...

Tea that smells like dirt ? I am glad you are enjoying it. I do enjoy green tea, but it does often taste like spinach water. I like spinach though.

The Scottish blend sounds interesting . I have never thought of checking out for tea but think I just might do that.

Nothing like cool fall weather to encourage me to drink nicely brewed hot tea !

Tanya said...

We really should drink more tea I suppose. Since everyone else in the world is going to all the trouble to look it up on the Internet and spending a lot of money to buy some of the finer brands, you would think that since it ieasy and inexpensive to buy that I would buy some. I don't dislike green tea but I get enough of it when I am visiting other people's houses so I rarely make any at home.

Linda said...

I am a tea lover as well and I love this post! The Scottish blend sounds wonderful.