Sunday, September 2, 2012

September First

Yesterday, my daughter and my son and I went to the big city (Winston-Salem). My daughter thought it was high time for an early Fall outing! We were downtown, in the Arts District, and were planning to eat at a restaurant called Sweet Potatoes, when we happened to see a small store that specialized in handmade African items. The lady had some beautiful imported goods and some clothing she had made herself. (All in support of African women and children on Kenya.) My daughter bought a skirt, and also bought me this piece of fabric. It is supposed to be cut and sewed into a shirt, but it is BIG. My son said that it looks big enough to be a quilt. Hmmmmmm......   Sounds 'bout right to me! Shizuku-Chan is checking it out, as is normal for her when there is something new in the household. You can see parts of Earl Grey on the entertainment center (top right, top photo). Cats rule, don't cha know?


Thistle Cove Farm said...

I'm thinking your son is a wise man; it's a beautiful piece of fabric! Dave and I would drive to W-S for a retreat...he loved those short trips that allowed us to have some off the farm fun.

sewkalico said...

It would be a great quilt back (?) and if you'd like some African fabrics, I'd be happy to send you some, just let me know... x