Monday, July 21, 2014

Another photo from England

Every few days my son and I get some more photos from England. I think my daughter is having a very interesting trip! In addition to her studies, she and the group she is studying with are sight-seeing. The above photo appears to be a "selfie" in the Salisbury Cathedral. She even sent a photo of Stonehenge. (No need to post that here....everyone has seen a photo to Stonehenge, eh?)  She will be there for a few more weeks yet. My goodness, it seems that the summer is half over, been noticing the Back-to-School sales starting.  Enjoy your day...God Bless!


Rebecca in AK said...

Sounds like your daughter is having a terrific time in England!! It is so nice that she is getting some time to sight see!

Rebecca in AK said...
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