Thursday, April 23, 2009

Carding wool

My son had a clean-out this past weekend, and found this silly T-shirt. He was going to throw it in the Goodwill bag, but I asked for it instead (we wear the same size). I guess he'd been too embarrassed to wear it. I think I'll wear it when I go out of town, maybe. The second photo is of some carded wool. It is Romney and came from Oregon several years ago. After it is carded, I roll it into a ball to save space. The third photo is my Louet drum carder. I have been carding a little every day all week, and that thing has beat me into submission! I feel like I've been through the "last chance workout" on The Biggest Loser!! Needless to say, I put off using the drum carder as long as I can. I still have several washed fleeces to card, so I may be at this for awhile. I'd rather be spinning!! Since the sun is out today and it is supposed to be in the 70 degree range, maybe I'll wash the one fleece I got from Thistle Cove Farm this month. To be honest, I don't care for washing fleeces I said, "I'd rather be spinning". Have a blessed day!


Ghost said...

Love the pics. Think of it this way without the washing and carding there is no spinning. And will all you have done you will be spinning forever, oh happy day!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Oh good! It looks like the carder is working some better for you.