Friday, April 17, 2009

A Lamb Named Keebler

A short time ago I discovered a wonderful blog called "Punkin's Patch". It can be found at It is all about farm life and well cared for sheep and I enjoy reading this blog very much. She has given her permission to use a couple of her photos (kindly, of course), so I thought I would show them here and recommend you visit. My camera is being difficult these days, so I don't know when I will be taking photos of my own.

I have been carding wool this week. It is a difficult job, for me anyway, and I just want to get done with it & get to the spinning part. I have several clean fleeces and some small quantities of wool that I have put off carding. I also need to wash this newest fleece from Thistle Cove Farm. This is also a job I don't care for, but even I won't put away a fleece dirty!! Once they are washed to my satisfaction, I store them with a bar or two of "Irish Spring" soap. I hate the smell of it and I guess the bugs do too, as I have not yet had any problems with bugs! I've also tried a Dial lavendar soap and also country apple soap from Bath and Bodyworks, but neither can be found anymore.

Weekend time again.....enjoy!


Ghost said...

Great idea with the soaps. I don't play with wool so would never have thought of that.

Bunny said...

Keebler is so cute! Just look at that face. I am a sucker for animals. lol