Friday, April 10, 2009

Little Sumo Guy

Another Goodwill find. At first I thought he was a Buddha, but upon closer examination, it's a Sumo! When my daughter lived in Japan, she used to send me video tapes of the Sumo matches. Even though a great many Americans consider them laughable, the Sumo wrestlers are some of the most talented athletes anywhere. A friend of my daughter's, who is also a Martial Artist, said that they are to be the most feared of all the Martial Artists. Even though my daughter has been back in America for several years now, and I do not have access to Japanese TV, I still miss watching Sumo. I think I'll call him Musashimaru, as he was my favorite. Oh, by the way, I think this statue was intended to be an incense holder.

Happy Easter!


Missy said...

Interesting little fellow. If he is open at the back, he greatly resembles what Benny Hana used to use for elaborate drinks. The hole in the tummy is for a straw. I'm a Canadian, formerly American, and I love Sumo. The tournament in LA last June was very well attended by enthusiastic fans, and the North American Sumo Championships were held in Stevenston, British Columbia a couple of years ago. American Sumo is very different, but it's alive.

Ghost said...

I enjoy Sumo wrestling also but like you don't get to see much of it. They are definitely big guys.

sissie said...

This is cute! and yes i think it is an incense burner:)