Friday, April 3, 2009

Little Quilt

I quilted this little quilt yesterday, as it was so rainy and dreary that I wanted to do something different. I quilted it on my old Singer. It is older than the Featherweight, it only goes "forward". But it is a joy to sew on and I love it (just not when I have to thread it!). This little quilt is 17" by 24". I am a member of "smallquiltchat" group on Yahoo and decided it was high time to make a small quilt. No plans for it at present. It was just nice to sit and quilt on a small machine, rather than stand and quilt with the Gammill machine. TGIF! Work on something you enjoy today!


Susan said...

what a darling little quilt!
you are so talented !

Bag Lady said...

I like to quilt too, and love my old machine, besides I have new one - I like to sew usung old one.
This quilt is nice with very good colours.

MAAZ said...

i found the crystal package most interesting one at

Ghost said...

You do such great work and everything is always a joy to see.