Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A quilt-top finish

Yesterday, I finished piecing this "string" quilt top. It is loosely based on instructions in a book of scrap quilts by Eleanor Burns. It looks something like a "heartstrings" quilt, but I am not a member of that group. I continue to make quilts for distressed kids, even though I am looking for another place to give them. I am not a member of the Foothills Quilters Guild anymore. I thought this would be a good way to use up a lot of the shorter "logs" leftover from the latest Log Cabin quilt top I completed last week. My basket of "logs" (2 inch wide strips of fabric) still runneth over, so guess I will have to start another one. The best part of the Log Cabin quilt is there is no pattern!


Bunny said...

Beautiful job on the quilt. It's going to make someone very happy. Very cheerful colors.

Ghost said...

Great job June! I am sure who ever you decide to give it to will love it for life.

Scarlet said...

Wow, you are so talented. I have always wanted to try and make a quilt but never even attempted it. I remember my sister making one for my mom that was purple and had doll cut outs on it. When my mom passed she left it to me but by the time I got it it was ruined as my brother let his dog lay on it. It was so sad. It was beautiful. I know that Ghost put a lot of work into it and it broke my heart to tell her what happened to it.

Anyway, beautiful work. I have to look back at your posts to see if I missed looking at the log cabin one. How could I have missed it? !!