Sunday, November 2, 2008

Added to stash

My daughter took her friend and myself up on the mountain to Galax, Virginia yesterday to a favorite yarn shop there called deBeez House of Yarn. I have been on "no-buy" for about two years now for both yarn and quilting fabric, so it is unusual for me to actually buy something! But I do hate to go to a small store owned by a friend, and not buy something. So I bought the above (minus the pottery of course!) and enjoyed talking to Deb again. I plan to use the green/gold for a Round Ripple afghan, putting some pale gold and some dark green with it. I'm not at all sure what I will use the purple camo yarn for. It just "called to me". I love purple! The two Paton's books have top down sweaters. My favorite kind. I enjoyed getting to go up on the mountain and seeing the Fall foliage this year. We'd had a drought all summer, but the colors were really nice. Oh, and we ate at our favorite Chinese restaurant, called Peking Palace. Really good food there, and supposedly no MSG!


Anonymous said...

I love Chinese food. We have a buffet here and it is wonderful to go and get a little of everything you like. And it is always nice to have a big stash but even more fun to keep it heaped up.

Anonymous said...

I forgot. The meow of the moment is just a picture posted like you have your black and white photo posted and I added the words above it.

Anonymous said...

So glad you found the pattern. I got it through mail at Crochetville. It is a honey and so very easy to do. Thanks again for stopping by. did I tell you I like Hello Kitty?