Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another Quiz and a Comment

You Are a Maine Coon Cat

You tend to be loving and playful around your family and friends.

But when you're around strangers you tend to be a bit reserved.

You are intuitive. You understand human emotions well.

You do best when you are around people. You don't like being left alone.

Thanks for the cute quiz on your blog, Ghost. I do enjoy taking these tests and seeing the results. Good news on Dora. She seems to be responding to the new meds that we started on Monday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and thanking God for everyday that she is not sick. She started responding to the new stuff almost immediately

And now a question....there is an annoying ad that pops up over the Maukie Cat. I don't know how to get rid of it. I apologize if it annoys anyone who reads this blog. Please let me know if you'd rather I take it down, the cat, not the ad, as I've tried and I can't.

I've still got my miserable cold/flu (even though I had the shot). Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Been working on a mindless sock today. Hard to think/concentrate today. Glad I can't spread germs thru this blog!!

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Anonymous said...

Been gone most of the day so I am late getting here today. Going out again but wanted to take a minute for myself. Hubby is in the hospital. So that is where I have been. So delighted to hear the news about Dora that just thrills me to death. You have a lot of other friends that enjoy cats and I am glad you enjoyed the quiz. I see we are of the same breed. Why am I not surprised.
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving.