Monday, November 10, 2008

Looming some hats!

I decided over the weekend, for no good reason, that I wanted to loom some hats. With the Holidays coming, I thought they would be okay to give as gifts, or to the homeless. Anyway, they make up pretty fast with chunky yarn, and I enjoy making them! The yellow loom is an experiment that seems to be working. I usually use a round loom by "Loom Room", but the pegs on the yellow Knifty Knitter loom are smaller and closer together and seems to work better with the Encore Chunky. I'm having fun with these, for today anyway. Who knows what I'll start to work on tomorrow. (Yep, that's Spiderman Afghan on the chair!)


Anonymous said...

Great work! And your model is adorable also.

sissie said...

this is something I am wanting to try for making hats and scarves but have no idea what to buy or how to do it!