Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Fall Quilt

I finished quilting a fall quilt yesterday and hemmed it last night. The fabric was from a collection from Keepsake Quilting a few years back and the pattern is Turning Twenty, if I remember correctly. Dora is trying to help, and says "I don't like the way you've draped it, I think it should be on the floor!". She's quite the little helper and tries to be within sight now that she doesn't have her playmate. She is truly a "Quilter's Cat!", unlike Shizuku, who could care less about knitting, crochet or quilts! I really need a better place to photograph quilts, but living in a mh, space is so limited. You can click on the photo for a close-up if you want! Have a blessed day!


Anonymous said...

I always loved quilting. I enjoyed the different patterns and colors of the fabric and combining them. Your Quilt is so lovely and Dora seems to be rather quilty herself. Is she a Tortoise shell?

Candace said...

What a pretty cozy comfy looking quilt. The colors are beautiful.

Tanya said...

Lovely quilt. I remember that Turning Twenty pattern. It works up very nicely doesn't it!

sissie said...

Love this quilt!!so nice!!
I never could quilt, But my sister does great work. not that I have received any of it! LOL