Monday, October 6, 2008

The new unnamed kitty

This seems to be the "year of the cat" around our house. First, Dora makes her home with us. Then there are a dozen yard cats born outside this spring/summer. Now, today, someone drops off this beautiful, what seems to be a long-haired male kitten. He is about the same size as Dora, so I would imagine that he is about 5 months old. He has very big feet for a young cat, so I suppose that he will be a large cat when he becomes an adult. I just cannot understand the cruel mentality of anyone who just dumps a cat out because he/she sees other cats in the yard!! When we came in this evening, he just came in the house & made himself to home!! I have a lamb skin on the lazyboy that my Boo used to love. He was in 7th Heaven on that sheepie & claimed it for his own. Things work out. God's in charge. This kitty just needs a name and hasn't given us a clue as to what he wants to be called. Any & all suggestions appreciated.........


sissie said...

he looks like a tigger to me:)

I have never understood how anyone can just dump a cat and this one sure looks loving and at home:)


Tanya said...

You and me both. But you seem to be taking it all in stride. I really go into a downspin when another appears at my door. I have five now... My newest is a5 month old male too.