Monday, October 27, 2008

Oreo has left the building

Oreo has left us. Last Friday, I'd had enough of his unpleasant behavior and destruction, and I set him back outside, with instructions to go back to where ever he came from. I guess he did, as we haven't seen him since Saturday morning. I wish him well, where ever he is, but peace has been restored to our household and I am very glad. Somethings just don't work out, ya' know? Dora missed him at first, but now is glad to have her share of the food to herself again!

On a lighter note, yesterday was my daughter's birthday and she spent some of the weekend with us. I think she had a pleasant time with us, and a Happy Birthday, at least I hope so. By the way, her Aran Sweater "fit like it was made for her" and she seemed to like the green and white afghan.

It is very windy today and getting colder outside. I hate wind, ever since my old Florida days, and don't care much for the cold (OUCH!) either!

On the needles, a yellow sweater, top down, with cables between sleeve & body (photo above). Top down sweaters (sweatshirt-style) are still my favorite!

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