Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Photos on Sidebar

I have temporarily added two new photos to my sidebar. They are of Pilot Mountain, North Carolina and the volcano Sakurajima, Kagoshima, Japan. Pilot Mountain can be seen from all over our area. It was never a volcano, but it is a respected landmark in our area. My daughter lived very near Sakurajima when she lived in Kagoshima. Just across the Bay, actually. It is a much loved landmark in Kyushu. Pilot Mountain is one of the reasons we moved to this area, and even though I am no longer able to do any hiking on the Mountain, every morning, as I take my son to work, it looks different. Kind of like one of the advertisements for Sakurajima.

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Tanya said...

Although I don't live anywhere near Sakurajima, I have visited there. I have friends in Kagoshima. I hear that sometimes they really have a problem with all the ash that falls onto the laundry etc. So glad you like the Miyazaki Hayao videos. Aren't they great?!