Sunday, March 1, 2009

Who Scarf Progress

The Doctor Who scarf is now 5 feet long!! It is a Season 12 scarf and should be 13 to 15 feet long when completed. I am about half way down the second column of the pattern, if that makes any sence to you... I am enjoying working on this scarf, as it requires no thought at all, just all knit. Am also working on Log Cabin squares for a later, when completed!


Bunny said...

Scarf is looking good so far. Looking forward to seeing your Log Cabin squares. What size quilt will you be making?

Ghost said...

Wow you are really moving along with this scarf. Fabulous job. I am slow. Glad you decided not to give up on your quilting. Will watch for progress report on that also.

Scarlet said...

Wow, Beautiful. I am not experienced enough t knitting to take on such a big project. It is going to be beautiful.


teakaycee said...

OmGoodness......... that scarf is so cool! you are doing a great job! I love it!


hugs and blessings my dear friend!

Ghost said...

Are you working your scarf in a tube? You knit real fast too.