Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Bamboo Plate

Once again, pardon my bad photograph. Taking pictures is NOT one of my talents. I just wanted to show a ceramic plate that I found at the Goodwill. I love to look at the "stuff" at the Goodwill. Sometimes I feel sorry for something, like I did this plate. It sat on the shelf for several weeks and nobody wanted it. I kept looking at it every time I went in (about once a week). Finally, I decided to buy it..after all it was only 50 cents. I brought it home, gave it a bath, and then realized what attracted me to it. When I was taking my Ceramic Teacher Certification classes (1984) I had to paint a vase that looked very much like this technique. It was an easy technique, as I am not much better at brushstrokes than I am at photography! The painter of this plate sighed her name "Pat", and I can't help but wonder who he or she was. I'll never know. I will cherish this plate, though, for many reasons, and it makes me think of the good times we had when I owned my own ceramic shop called "Keyfield Ceramics". I had to close it for health reasons, but there are a lot of good memories there. I hope your life is full of "Bamboo Plates", and good memories!


Ghost said...

It looks like such a simple technique but I know it isn't for I have tried my hand at painting and I am not that good. I am glad you rescued this plate.

Scarlet said...

What a beautiful post. Bring back some memories for me as well. It is wonderful to have good memories. Thank you for sharing that one with us.


Bunny said...

What a beautiful plate and a great find. It was there just waiting for you to pick it up and bring it home to cherish.