Friday, March 13, 2009

Anglo Saxon Class

My daughter asked me to help demonstrate spinning during one of her classes in World Literature. It has been a pretty good while since I've stood in front of a classroom, and I was nervous! There was food of the Anglo Saxon period (prepared by the students), natural dyes for fabrics and wool, and spindle and wheel spinning. Only spindle spinning was of that era, but she thought they might like to see wheel spinning too. All the students tried spindle spinning, with a little help. Kathleen brought her looms to class, and several of the students tried that also. I think that everyone enjoyed themselves.

The first photo is of me and the finished Dr. Who scarf, the rest are from the class. Actually, these photos were taken after class was over. Some students stayed late to try working on the looms and to help clean up. I am the one in the red shirt at the spinning wheel. I don't like my photo taken (for obvious reasons), so you probably won't see my picture here again!!


Ghost said...

I can see a lot of work goes into loading these looms. Wow! And you are a beautiful woman, with the lovely face of an angel. I can see now that your Who Scarf is single layer and it turned out so great. You sure work fast is all I can say. Wish mine was just half as finished as yours. Great photos of the class. Really nice post.

Scarlet said...

How wonderful for you to share your talents with your daughter class. Sis is right you have the face of an angel and beautiful of course.
Now that Dr. Who scarf is out of this world. You are so fast. How long did it take you to do and approximately how much yarn did you use? How long is it ?

You're a very talented lady.


Footheel Sock Knitter said...


They are all good pictures of you and you look right in place w/ your spinning wheel and the Dr. Who Scarf turned out great! That class of Kathleen's sounds interesting, she knows how to make it interesting for the students. I would have liked a class like that!
Kathleen gets it from her mother! have a great weekend!

Bunny said...

What a beautiful person inside and out! I'll bet once the nerves subsided, you had a ball showing the class the spinning.
The Dr Who scarf is awesome. Too ambitious a project for me I'm afraid. I would never finish it. lol

Sandie said...

Oh, I love that Doctor Who scarf. Like Bunny, I doubt I will ever get ambitious enough to finish one. It's not the crocheting, but the gathering of the different colors in the proper amounts. You are so talented! I love the look of spinning wheels. I'd like to have one just to look at it. LOL That probably sounds silly. :-)