Saturday, March 21, 2009

National Quilting Day

This is Caliber, from and I have borrowed him to remind quilters that this is National Quilting Day. I have been a fan of this website for awhile now, and also love calico cats, as you well know. The sun is out today, but it is cool here, a perfect day to work on my Underground Railroad Log Cabin quilt. I only have about 6 more blocks to piece (I average finishing about 3 a day). I hope that everyone reading this has a blessed weekend.


Bunny said...

Happy National Quilt Day to you. I bought fabric this morning to start on a quilt for my new grandson who will be born some time in June. I found an easy strip quilt pattern and thought I would try it out.
Have a wonderful day!

Ghost said...

What a cute calico quilt kitty. Hope you have a great day quilting. Relax and enjoy it.