Friday, March 27, 2009

The Day Before

I have enjoyed looking at sheep owner's blogs lately. There are so many photos of the new lambs and I am so jealous. I collect stuffed and ceramic sheep, but I neither have the land nor the ability to raise real sheep. That doesn't stop me from loving the gentle, beautiful creatures. I do so enjoy spinning wool, and making items from the yarn I make. But this time of year sure makes me want to hug a sheep.

Tomorrow is the big six-oh. Yep, I am turning 60 years old tomorrow. It sounds so old, but truthfully I don't feel old. I keep incredibly busy and keep using from my stash of yarn, fabric and rovings (wool) and donating to my charities. So I don't think that tomorrow will be any different a day from all the rest. I'll let you know later..... Live long & prosper!
In His Service,


Ghost said...

First off Happy Birthday a day early. You are younger than I am. Some days I feel older than I am. I love your little lamb picture.

Bunny said...

Happy Birthday if I don't get here! I hope you have a wonderful day.
I am not far behind you. In my mind, age is just a number. It's how you live your life that counts in keeping us young at heart.
I live behind University of Delaware Agricultural Farm. There are sheep and cows and horses. I love passing by there and seeing the sheep out. They are always grazing. They look funny after shearing though. lol