Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Update on Dora

Our Dora is about three months old now. She is quite the little "helper cat", unlike the family cat who could care less about my quilts or yarn. Dora got tired of watching me on the computer, so decided to catch a nap under an old box of my son's tapes. She looks slightly "hungover" here, doesn't she? At times I'd like to give her back to the yard cats, but then, when she's asleep, she's a nice kitty. She sure keeps things active around here, and helps me to remember to keep things picked up and "kitty-proof". I really need to get the day started around here, but just can't decide what to work on. Went to quilt guild meeting yesterday, so am almost inclined to work on something "quilty". But then again, the round ripple afghan is calling to me!!

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ekgheiy said...

She is just too adorable!!