Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Family Cat Quilt

The quilt picture on top is called "To All The Cats We've Loved Before" and was started in the mid 1980's from traded quilt blocks. I used to trade quilt blocks all over the world. Well, I got this bright idea to put the names of all the cats, mostly indoor cats, that we have cared about over the years, beginning with our first cat, KeyKey, in 1972. I added Dora's name to the last and final block today. The photo of my helper cat for today is the outdoor kitty we call Jack. He's a great cat and a good helper but will remain outdoors at his request.

The second photo is my "Boo's" block, who died a year ago this week. I don't think I will ever get over losing her, and I cry every time I think of her. She was a solid black, longhair. My husband had named her "Blackie", but after he died, she just seemed to be called Boo from then on. I began this blog about two weeks before Boo died, and didn't have digital camera at that time. I only have a few old photos of her. I didn't realize this until she was gone and it was too late. She died so suddenly. I feel like this quilt is finally complete as of today.


Lynn said...

What a great quilt!!! I understand abt Boo. I had a cat named Sheba that I had for almost 20 years. I've had cats before and since, but I still tear up when I see a picture of her. And she's been gone for over 2 years now. Hugs to you and again, a fantastic quilt full of fur ball memories.

Tammy said...

Beautiful cat quilt! It pops out from your display. Loving it!

teakaycee said...

Oh my goodness...... what an outstanding quilt! I love the cats... I love the colors... I just love that quilt! You do fantastic work my friend. God has blessed you with a beautiful talent!
have a wonderful day... and fabulous weekend.
God Bless!