Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Needle Tatting

The box that I had been using to keep a door closed contained my needle tatting. I'd forgotten all about it, and had not worked with it in years. I actually tripped over this box last Sunday and fell. The Good Lord really does have to knock me down to get my attention . The photo is of some handkerchiefs that I put a simple ring & chain lace on. I made over a dozen of these to send back to Japan with my daughter for Omiagi. I really enjoyed making these, but went on to other things. Funny how things come full-circle, huh? I have decided to do some tatting during these hot days of August, and maybe make a few more handkerchiefs. They are always good as gifts & can be put in an envelope to mail easily (with explanations to the P.O.). I never quite got the "hang" of round-things, that is.... doilies. I think I'll stick to ring & chain for right now. It really is my favorite, and not too much thought involved. I have joined a yahoo group for some advice, too. The thread I am working with is called "Fiesta" from the Wildflowers collection from Caron. It is a really beautiful varigated thread that might be discontinued by now.


Lynn said...

Thanks for stopping by! I have to say as soon as I saw that picture of the hankerchiefs it reminded me of the ones my great great aunt Chetka made my mom and her sisters. They didn't care for them (who uses hankerchiefs anymore?!?!) but I LOVED them! They gave them to me and I've had them ever since. That was abt 30 years ago. So it was nice to see somebody still doing them.
and not only do you knit but you quilt as well! My kind of lady!!

Linda C. said...

Oh, June, your hankies are lovely. I haven't done needle-tatting, but I took a class years ago in tatting with a shuttle, and I have quite a collection of them, including a beautiful silver one. I'm very slow at it. One of those things I think I will pick up again sometime . . . if I fall over them, as you did, I'll know it's time to clean out the closet!