Friday, August 22, 2008

Snoopy (happy) Dance!

After several months (yep, I said months!) of working on spinning this purple mohair/wool it is finally finished. I washed and dried the last of it yesterday. This stuff was awful to spin, but I was determined to finish it! It was full of veg.matter and sandspurs (anyone from S.Fla. will know what I am talking about). But I am doing a snoopy dance, as best I can, and will give it to my daughter the next time she comes over. She wanted it to make a tri-loom shawl out of it and was eagerly awaiting my finishing with it. By the way, I couldn't show it all on the small table, there is more of it than shown. I started on some plain-jane, off-white, easy to spin stuff late last night. Whew! What a pleasure to spin after that purple stuff! <>< June

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