Friday, September 11, 2009

Hopping Mad!

I try not to get really angry! It's not good for my health, etc. But I did yesterday. Let me back up...two weeks ago I purchased three packages of metal crosses from the craft shop on the outskirts of Mt.Airy, NC. They were priced at $3.99 each, which is more than I usually pay, but they were pretty. The crosses were eleven to a bag and I think were made by the Darice Jewelry Design company. When I got home, I emptied the bags into the container where I keep my crosses. I put a cross on every Prayer Shawl I make for the Hospital. Last week, when I tried to use one, the darn thing bent in my hand!!! I went back to the craft shop on another errand last week and told the clerk about it. She said to bring them back. Yesterday, I did. The daughter of the owner was working there and she had a "too bad so sad" attitude. She could have cared less, and refused to make it right, even though I bent two of them in my hand right in front of her!! I told her that I was not coming in the store if that is the way they treat an old time customer. Her Grandmother and I had been good friends. I will drive to Ben Franklin store 50 miles away now! My concern is, if these crosses were that bendable, could there possibly been LEAD in the metal?? I shudder to think about that, and I am glad that I am not able to use them. What's wrong with this world when a merchant won't back up what they sell. FOR SHAME. What goes 'round, comes 'round, I always say.

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Tanya said...

Maybe you should try again when the daughter isn't around. Your comments probably won't get past her to the owner anyway. I'm sure the owner values your patronage especially if you have had ties with them. And she really should know about her daughter's attitude!