Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Colors

The first photo is of my daughter, working on her tri-loom at the WWSIPD. She recently learned the twill weave, and she uses a lot of alpaca, which she buys from an alpaca farm off the Blue Ridge Pkwy. She also makes a lot of square, lap-afghans, which she donates to someone who needs one.

The second and third photos are of my "Fall Shawl in the Hall on the Wall" heehee. I am using some good ole Red Heart yarn, but it is old yarn, not this new stuff that feels like it is made from pop bottles!! I can only work on the shawl for a short amount of time, then I have to go & sit down(bummer!). I enjoy weaving, and giving these shawls away. Although I don't consider them a Prayer Shawl, and I don't "decorate" them with Christian symbols or a card, I love these shawls just the same!!


Tanya said...

The shawls are beautiful! Wow! What a lot of work! Please model one of them for us!

Leslie Shelor said...

Yes! The shawls are the fall shawl on the wall in the hall! Glad to see you back on-line!

spritlyknitter said...

That look's very interesting I will be looking forward to seeing it finished, loving the fall color's too.